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The build begins (week 1).... Part 4

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Jan 17th 2020

Above you can see my design sketch I used to figure out how much lumber I needed. Here is a montage of the 1st day on construction. Keep in mind, at this point building the bar is as mush as is planned. Also rule #1 no permeant changes to the room. Thought this project nothing is attached to the walls. This was to be a fun, weekend build toss in a couple artificial palm tress.... tada! I used to scrap wood to help hold the frame together long enough for me to me make it self supporting. The room wasn't big enough to lay things down to assemble them, everything was build in it's final position.

After an 12 hour day so cutting wood and and hitting myself in the thumbs with a hammer, we have the basic frame up. While I did the last round of cuts, Stephanie ran off to laptop to pick a color pattern from the front of the bar. The next morning we headed to the store to get all the quarts of paint to make color scheme, based on actual beach bars come to life. In Day two, we painted all the little boards to be the front of the bar, after they had dried we screwed them into place.

In the last pic I cut and attached what would be the bar top. Notice how unfinished it is, my hope was a round of polycoat would give it that mirror shine. I had never done this before, and like all things learning is an adventure. As we roll into the Monday, I sanding the bar surface and routing the edges, I've never used a router before. Now that I have I see why it's said to be the second most important took when you are making things from wood. I used scrap wood once again to be the "feet" that are holding the top of the bar to the front of the bar. I had to add a little brace in the corner. By the plan, there is only a bar top, but I needed someone to put tools I decided to dip again in the scrap wood pile, and I found some left over pieces from a different project that became a single shelf on the inside of the bar. (for now)

On Tuesday Since we nixed the talking head idea, we decided that parrots are culturally neutral. My puppet making skills aren't that good. So my plan was buy a puppet to use as the body, then add servo's to make it move. The parrot hand puppet came in, while a good idea. It wasn't going to work, going to need to research that bit a more.

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