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How it all began - Part 0

I guess like all good stories, we should start at the beginning. Like such things often do, they start in the most innocent and inspecting of places. This beginning would be at a Stephanie's birthday party and Covid Circle Christmas party.

The two fighting the Christmas tree which has come to life like a Dalek seeking to destroy earth are Frank and Virginia. Fortunately they were able to drop it before the inevitable end of all things....

I know what your thinking, how can someone as large of a dork as you that make a Christmas tree attack his guest have any friends. See this group, I have lots of friends, which shows when you embrace what drives you not only is a road to happiness, others will want to join you on that road.

No matter how crazy that idea is, from rocking out to sea shanties to well... keep reading and see how crazy things get.

I though this going to blog cool projects? You ask... this was my sneak way of showing you around what was known as the Red Room (redrum! redrum!) as it's about to under a transformation.

An Idea missed is not an Idea forgotten

After the party, we were playing D&D I said I wished we could have done a tropical theme party as I think those are fun when it's cold outside, but we didn't have enough time to plan it out, so we went with burgundy instead. Aren't themes fun! I learned that Virginia's birthday was coming up in a few months. That means I have the time, and the space..... it needs a plan! Oh what I plan I have.

To be continued.....

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