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Entry level position! Must have 1-2 years experience

I know several people that have completed school or a coding boot camp and are getting meet silence and slammed doors when trying to get a job.

Entry level jobs want you to have 1-2 years of experience. It's the chicken and egg problem.

What can you do, to get someone to hire you so you can have the experience needed to get hired?

Start looking for projects you can get involved in.

Taproot is a good place to look for charity work you can do.

Upwork is a free-lace contracting site, so maybe you can get a few small jobs.

If nothing else, make full stack projects using the tech-stack you see for jobs you want, and put your code open repo, like GitHub. Be sure it's up on the web where it can be seen.

Heroku, AWS...ect.

Be sure the readme on your repo has a link to your web project.

You want people to click the link and see what you've done. (and vise versa)

If you keep learning, writing code... you'll get there.

If you feel completely lost and do not mind advice from a total stranger feel free to contact me. I'll help how I can. We are all in this together!

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