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The Plan 1.0 - Part 1

December 28th

This is it! My big crazy over the top plan. I was going to go to amazon and buy a table topper and cheesy decorations.

But I started to looking at the prices, and it wasn't nearly as cheap as I expected. Just because something is cheesy it shouldn't look cheap!

I did a little math and thought. I could just make a little table toper, and "bench" for it to attach. It would be roughly the same thing and would cost about the same and it would look much nicer.

So I drafted out a plan on a sheet of paper. You should always have a plan.

As you can see it was a pretty simple plan, just make some to put drinks on slightly themed.

We'll dress up, play music... but you know. I love heavily themed places.

I love animatronics, and I haven't gotten to fun hardware hack for awhile... so maybe... I got it! To be continued....

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